Terms and conditions

To be an authorized IOD Stockist you must currently have a brick and mortar store front, a booth within a larger store front location. If you have a brick and mortar or booth, the location must be open with regular business hours. Applications to sell from one’s home without a website will not be accepted. At this time we are not accepting stores that only sell on Facebook or other third party sites.

Order minimums:

In order to ensure that all our stores are well-stocked, we require €500 for opening orders. If you own multiple stores the initial purchase is €500 for the first store and €200 per additional store that you want to sell IOD products in. It is essential that you do not sell products in a store that is not an activated IOD location to protect other IOD stockists who may be in that area. Your account is not activated for that store until the initial order has been placed for that store.

Territory protection policy:

Our territory protection begins with a 15km and may go up to 25km depending on the variables.

Competing product lines:

To maintain an active IOD account, it is our policy that stockists do not carry or promote (on social media or otherwise) competing products. This does not mean brands, but rather specific products that compete directly with our products, for example, large scale transfers intended for décor, molds intended for décor, large scale stamps intended for décor, erasable liquid chalk.The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of our business, as well as our stockists’, and to limit market confusion.If this policy is not adhered to , the stockist will be contacted and risks the possibility of being dropped.

Wholesale pricing:

All prices are listed in EUROS. For European stockists there is no VAT addition (Reverse charge – VAT free Intra-Community Delivery of Goods, art 138 of the VAT Directive).


Shipping is in addition to your cost of goods.

Example of shipping costs:

  • Orders with a weight within 10kgs – 24,95€
  • from 10kgs to 15kgs -29,95€
  • from 15kgs to 20kgs – 34,95€
  • from 20kgs to 25kgs – 39,95€


IOD hosts a stockist locator on their website. Locator inclusion is based on different criteria: approved and active stockists.

Inactive accounts:

If an account is inactive for over 3 months, that account is subject to re-evaluation and possible removal in order to allow someone else to serve the territory. Stockist will be contacted prior to being removed.

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